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5 Underrated NFL Free Agent Signings That Will Have a Major Impact

Here are 5 of our picks for the most game changing picks that will be sure to make the 2017 NFL season one of the biggest in history!

It’s that time of year again where teams looking to bolster their starting lineups are reaching out to free agents. With the first week of free agency out of the way, over 100 unrestricted agents are now off the market and signed to NFL teams. Here are 5 of our picks for the most game changing picks that will be sure to make the 2017 NFL season one of the biggest in history!

Calais Campbell

This University of Miami graduate has been signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars, greatly bolstering their defensive end. This pick is especially surprising considering the huge push the Denver Broncos were making to sign Campbell late in the game. There were many games for the Jaguars which resulted in one-score losses, and Campbell has been on record stating that he feels that he can play a big role in preventing that this season and making sure the Jaguars break through the ranks this year.

Nolan Carrol II

Love them or hate them, the Dallas Cowboys have always been a fairly solid team in the NFL. One thing they’ve been lacking until signing this New Mexico native was a strong cornerback. Nolan Carrol II was arguably one of the strongest players on the Philadelphia Eagles’ lineup during the 2014-2016 seasons until being picked up by Dallas. Nolan has set career highs in interceptions, passes, and sacks with the Miami Dolphins in 2013. It will be interesting to see how this pick affects the defensive line of the Cowboys.

Mike Glennon

This quarterback is a very interesting choice for the Chicago Bears. Relatively new to the fray in relation to a lot of other free agents on the market, the Bears’ success will ultimately be judged based on his success or lack thereof. This pick is extremely risky and shocking NFL fans and will be sure to make headlines. Bears fans should pay close attention this season to see if this $45 million investment in uncertainty will pay off or if they squandered their first round draft pick on a quarterback who has had solid backups but failed to consistently pull wins on the starting lineup. While not the best pick, it certainly is one of the biggest.

Pierre Garcon

By far the most expensive pick of San Francisco 49ers’ haul, this wide receiver is slated to be the team’s best receiver and is going to be a model for the type of team that coach Kyle Shanahan is trying to build. He is a power player when it comes to offense, and has a proven track record. Any Redskins fan will tell you that Garcon is a force to be reckoned with, and he will no doubt be a valuable asset in building an aggressive team in the 49ers’ hands.

Rick Wagner

The Detroit Lions had a great first round when it came to free agency picks, securing arguably the best right tackle on the market and a clear upgrade from last season’s Riley Reiff. After a strong 2016 season, this 27 year old University of Wisconsin graduate is in his prime and a valuable asset in improving a weak run game by the Lions. He also is a critically needed strong pass protector, which will be excruciatingly important with how much Matthew Stafford has been sacked in his last few seasons. Rick Wagner is without a doubt Detroit’s biggest move for this upcoming season.

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