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6 Amazing New Things To Hit The Internet

The Internet is a wonderland of ways to waste time

The Internet is a wonderland of ways to waste time. Granted, much of the Internet is useful, but some things you’ll find online really amount to nothing more than something to pass the time. Here are six things currently taking over the Internet:

1. The Google Goes Moo

The days of see and say may be behind us, but Google has created what basically amounts to an adult version of it. Now, anytime you do a Google search on a particular animal, you can click a button and hear the sound they make. For a cute surprise, type “animal noises” into Google and it will randomly choose a sound.

2. A Class On “Wasting Time On The Internet”

We’re all guilty of using the Internet to waste time. We spend so much time on it that at Penn State University, students can enroll in a class called “Wasting Time On The Internet.” The professor that teaches the class told a local newspaper that he started it because everyone was saying that all anyone does anymore is waste time on the Internet. The only goal for the duration of the class was to have students re-imagine ways of using the Internet. The professor said he did this to push the boundaries of each of his students.

3. Don’t Tweet, Just Have A Twittervision

While some people can’t seem to get through a day without tweeting, others waste time having a Twittervision. Even if you use Twitter regularly, chances are you haven’t heard of Twittervision. When you load the website all you get for your troubles is a world map and various tweets that pop up above the location they are coming from. This is perfect if you have ever wondered where in the world people tweet the most.

4. Becoming An Instant Artist With Wordle

If you’ve ever wanted to combine a love of art and the written word, is the perfect site for you. All you have to do is take a block of text that you choose and paste it into a form. Alternately, you can also paste a URL and instantly get a word cloud using the words found on the URL.

5. Donning A Cowboy Hat Without Being A Cowboy

Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, the new trend is to take pictures on the Internet and add a cowboy hat to anyone in them. This applies to both people and pets. Throw a clever caption in under the pics and you’ll fit right in on the Internet.


6. Dance With Demi Lovato

An online music video about singer Demi Lovato has gone viral and gotten thousands of women to film themselves dancing to the song.

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