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8 Times Trump Showed Us He Has No Idea What He’s Doing

Much to the chagrin of many of us, we now have to address Donald Trump as Mr. President

Much to the chagrin of many of us, we now have to address Donald Trump as Mr. President. Even though he’s our leader there have been countless times when he showed us he has no idea what he is doing. Here are eight examples:

1. Using Twitter In An Attempt To Bond With Us

Though recent POTUS’s have had their own Twitter account, not one of them has used it the way Trump has. In an attempt to use the social media giant to make America like him, the exact opposite actually happened. He has spent more time on Twitter defending his actions than he has defending our country. Spreading false information is his other favorite pastime on Twitter.

2. Having Second Thoughts About His New Job

Not even a month into his new job as the POTUS he was already complaining that he didn’t like it. Those who work with him everyday have said he bounces between being angry and being surprised about what he is expected to do in the White House. He is also less than pleased about the fact that he couldn’t hire only his friends when putting together his cabinet.

3. The White House Has Leaked How Clueless He Is

According to leaked White House reports Trump’s aides have to push him to address most of the issues he is obligated to address. He routinely ignores the advice they give him, even though it is their job to do so. Proof that his aides know more about running the country than he does points to his cluelessness.

4. Everytime He Calls News Fake

With a hatred for the media, Trump is obsessed with what he considers fake news. The controversy over him refusing to release his tax returns came to a boil when MSNBC revealed his returns from 2005. They seemed too perfect to be true, which led to suspicion that Trump had the tax return faked.

5. Radio Interviews Where He Choked

Before Trump was even elected he was doing radio interviews with the media he claims to hate so much. When asked about foreign policy his answer told the world he had no knowledge of it.

6. His Ideas On Foreign Relations

In a shocking moment, Trump suggested having the people of China assassinate North Korea’s leader. His justification for it was that it would put “him” out of our misery.

7. His Efforts To Allow Employee Discrimination

Even though Obama enacted a directive protecting the LGBTQ community from discrimination by the government. Trump wants to reverse it.

8. His Inauguration Poem

It says it all when at his inauguration he read a poem touching on the subject of defeating a tyrant.

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