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7 Weird & Exciting Science-y Things Turning Heads Right Now

Science, you crazy!

Regardless of changes in society and politics, science inexorably rolls on – impacting all areas of modern life. Here are a handful of science-related stories that broke in the first quarter of 2017. From pink poop to flights to the moon, science sure makes life interesting. And whether it comes from citizen scientists or academic researchers, scientific innovation is going to make 2017 a revolutionary year in more ways than one.

1. Earth Friendly Kicks

Sneaker company Adidas has developed Biosteel, a nature-based fiber meant to mimic natural silk. The material is lighter than traditional synthetic fibers and is one of the strongest fully natural materials in existence. It also allows the shoes, which will go on sale later in the year, to be 100% biodegradable.

2. From Launch To Lunch

A satellite containing two miniature greenhouses will be launched later this year by Germany Aerospace Center (DLR). Designed to test the potential of growing food on the moon, the greenhouses will be home to tomato plants sustained by bacteria that feeds on synthetic urine, which produces fertilizer.

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