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Being A Fan Of A Losing Team Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Ok so first things first. I have 3 loves in my life. My wife, my kids, baseball, and secretly not always in that order. I’m not going to share who my favorite team is, but lets just say there hasn’t been a lot to get excited about for 2017 and it’s looking like another season of disappointment and heartbreak ahead.

Another love of my life that didn’t quite crack the top 3 is video games, mainly because I just don’t have time for them anymore. I was never a computer gamer, but on console I could walk through most of my friends in any sports game. MLB, Madden, NBA, it didn’t matter, I loved it. Fast forward to 2017 and I am lucky to get an hour in on my console a month.

Luckily, I think I’ve found a new love to help fill the void!

Did you know phones can play legit games now? I’m not talking about stupid puzzle games, but good games with good graphics? Maybe I am just old and no longer “with it”, but I had no idea. I just started playing this new MLB game and I am hooked. Maybe it’s my desperate attempt to find ways to fit more video games into my adult life, but I don’t care. The graphics are sweet, the game-play is solid, and it even lets you play online with friends so naturally I got all my buddies to start playing.

So as I spend another season holding onto a hope and a prayer while watching my team struggle, at least I’ll have something to entertain myself with.

Warning. This is just my opinion, but most people I have talked into trying it have agreed. If you’re a baseball fan, a video game fan, or ideally both, then download the game here and give it a try for yourself. If you hate it, feel free to leave a comment telling me how stupid I am. If you love it, then feel free to comment and shower me with praise.

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