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4 Parenting Hacks That Can Save Hours of Cleaning Time

Kids make messes like they’re being paid for it. Crayons, markers, finger paints, food, water from the fishbowl, water from the cat’s bowl, water from the toilet bowl—it’s all fun to play with, and it all has to be cleaned up by an increasingly frayed and irritable adult. After the thousandth or so hour spent mopping hardened banana slime off the Blu-ray player, you might be tempted to move the kids into the backyard for a “fun” game of Who Can Stay Outdoors the Longest. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something you could do to let the kids have their fun indoors without the hourly hazmat emergency? Here are at least four things you can try:


1. Add Jell-O to Your Homemade Ice Pops

Nothing drips like ice pop juice, and homemade recipes that use off-brand drink flavoring can set into fabric faster than you can mop it off the carpet. Get ahead of this problem by adding a packet of Jell-O to your mix before you freeze it. That way, as the ice pop melts, it helps more to stay on the stick rather than running all over.


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