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5 Offline iPhone Games to Make Your Next Plane Ride Suck Less

Everyone likes to travel, but in most cases, the actual “traveling” part can get pretty boring. While you count down the minutes to your final destination, here are five attention-grabbing iOS games we’ve tested to make your plane ride more bearable.

Toast! stops a charismatic piece of bread from becoming breakfast

Meet Fred, a charming piece of bread whose goal in life is to not become toast. Quest through multiple worlds as you side-step enemies that want to crisp up your edges. There are eight levels in Toast! with simple, refreshing graphics. If you’d rather play a less glutinous ‘toon, choose Toast’s penguin, snowman or fish friends to be your main character. Cheery original music, achievements and power-ups make Toast! fun for both you and your kids, so let them play once in a while, too. This free game reminds us of the Super Mario World games, so if that’s your favorite time-killer, you’ll also enjoy Toast!

Travel across the universe with graphics-intense Galaxy of Fire 2

Interstellar travel, battles and breathtaking graphics will entertain you for hours in this award-winning sci-fi space shooter game. There are over 20 star systems and 100 individual planets and space stations to examine, so if you have a lot of time to blow, spend it exploring the universe. Aside from just wandering through space, you can mine asteroids and execute side quests, but the ultimate goal is to complete your missions. It’s a free game that offers in-app purchases, but you can enjoy this game without them. Honestly, we’re okay with dropping a few dollars here and there on this one because the quality is so good that you’ll WANT to support the developers.

Zombie Farm 2 lets you fulfill your lifelong dream of growing a zombie

Remember planting rows and rows of vegetables in Farmville? This free game takes that addiction to a whole new level: Now you’re not just planting fruits, you’re also growing your very own zombies. To make it even more weird, you can experiment by mutating different zombies to create new, hybrid killing machines. Then, Clash of Clans style, you can invade the zombie islands of your enemies. There’s a lot of waiting in this game, just like in Farmville, but that’s part of what makes growing your next undead soul so rewarding. Just be careful: It can be a little buggy sometimes, but it’s still worth it.

80 Days takes you on an interactive story-telling adventure

Blurring the lines between story and game, the ultimate goal of this app is to travel as a concierge who’s following his master around the world. Set in 1872, 80 Days is a creative interactive novel that allows you to choose the next move, and the outcomes are different each time that you play. The in-game clock never stops ticking while you keep your master fed and happy, trade items for cash, and decide where to go next (and how to get there without being murdered). 80 Days costs $6.99 in the App Store, but there are no in-app purchases after that one-time fee.

Race the Sun launches a futuristic spin on the classic racing game

You are the captain of a solar-powered hovercraft, and the sun is your biggest enemy. Fly across planets to collect points, and see how far you can go before the sun sets and your solar craft loses power. There are plenty of obstacles, though, and a head-on collision will leave you dead. Collect power-ups to keep the sun shining as long as possible. What makes this game so fun is speeding across planets as fast as you can and trying not to crash. It’ll cost you $4.99, but Race the Sun will be more rewarding than that $5 latte you ordered (and it’ll keep you happier for longer, too).

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