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13 Astonishingly Clever DIY Storage Hacks for Your Bedroom

Do you have enough storage space in your bedroom closets? That’s really a trick question, because nobody does. Take advantage of the space you do have with these astonishingly simple bedroom storage hacks.  

1. Look Up

Are you using the top foot or so of your closet space? Install shelves that run along every inch of wall. Out-of-season boots, hats, costumes, uniforms — all in the dozens of square feet of storage you just added.

2. Pull Out That Dish Rack

A dish rack is an ideal way to store slim handbags, especially clutches, wristlets and evening bags. Just line them up by color.

3. Hang Your Bed on the Wall

We don’t literally mean that you should hang your entire bed on the wall. Pick up an extra set of bed slats for a platform bed, mount it to the wall and attach simple S-hooks to hang shoes, scarves and ties.

4. Build a Shoe Rack with Crown Molding

Show off your inner fashion diva by mounting rows of ornate crown molding on your wall. Paint them the same color as your wall, and then use them to display your shoe collection. Nobody will ever know it’s really a bedroom storage hack.  

5. Install A Pegboard

A pegboard makes an amazingly simple storage solution, especially if you’re short on drawer space. Use S-hooks to mount baskets, and then fill them with your socks, undies and other unmentionables. If you’re a jewelry lover, use this simple hack to store and organize your collection.

6. Lift Your Bed

Remember how your dorm bed could lift on risers so you could slide suitcases and even a small dresser underneath? Take advantage of all that under-the-bed space by removing the legs from your bed and mounting it on top of a couple of single-row chests of drawers. Instant storage!

7. Change Your Headboard

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your book, your glass of water, your phone’s charging station and a reading light all within reach of your pillow? Change your headboard to one with storage, and you get all that and more. Don’t worry — you can find headboards with panels and doors that hide all the clutter.

8. Hang Those Boots

Is floor space at a premium in your closet? If you don’t have anywhere convenient to store your boots, why not suspend them from trouser hangers. Use tissue paper between the clamps and the boot to prevent indentations. A bonus — your boots won’t get saggy from flopping over while in storage!

9. Stuff It in a Bench

If you already have a bench, chair or ottoman in your bedroom, replace them with a storage bench and storage ottoman. These are ideal for holding extra pillows and blankets or storing those off-season winter clothes.

10. Lose the Hamper

Of course, you still need a laundry hamper, but why let it take up so much floor space? Pop a laundry bag on a hook on the back of your bedroom or bathroom door. Another bonus: It’s ready to carry when it’s time to do the laundry.

11. Spice It Up

Pick up a small spice rack, and hang it in your bathroom to store nail polish and perfume. Yet another bonus: You can see all your choices all at once!

12. Cut Up Those Drawers

Place small organizer bins and racks inside your nightstand drawers so items don’t rattle around inside. And you do have a nightstand with multiple drawers, right?

13. Turn Your Yoga Mat Vertical

That yoga mat is bulky when it’s rolled up. Install a clip on the back of a door (any door) and hang it when you’re not using it. Think of all the shelf space that frees up!

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