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5 Must Have Apps For Your iPhone

Is the iPhone the best invention of our lifetimes or what? It makes every day more fun and helps with all kinds of things so your day goes smoothly. Keep making things better by downloading these must-have apps to make your life easier.

1. Poison Maps

Find what you’re looking for in the city you’re in with a quick tap on Poison Maps. Tap Cuisines to satisfy your craving, Fast Food when you’re in a hurry or Fuel when it’s time to gas up. Easy to use, easy to search.

2. Outlook

This free Microsoft app not only feeds you your email, it prioritizes it in the Focused inbox so that you only see the important stuff. And it connects to your calendar as well to simplify scheduling.

3. Waze

How did anyone ever drive anywhere without this genius app that finds the shortest route? This free app even warns you of construction zones, red-light cameras and that cop lurking under the overpass and looking for speeders.

4. Castro

If you’re a podcast fan, Castro is a must-have to keep your podcast queue under control. It creates a searchable archive and ensures you can listen to each series in order.

5. Just Press Record

Sure, you already have Voice Memos on your phone, but Just Press Record is so much easier to use — one tap, and you’re recording. It’ll even transcribe speech so you can read those meeting or class notes, and it lets you search through transcriptions for individual words.

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