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13 Must Try Music Apps to Keep You Singing All Day

Remember when phones were for talking? And then they were for talking and texting? Now you can practically carry a recording studio in your back pocket. If you’re a music lover with a smartphone, here are some of the best apps you should download right now.

1. Tidal

If sound matters to you, and you’ve made that investment in ultra-high-end headphones, then definitely download this app from Jay Z. A streaming rate of 1141Kbps gives you audio quality unmatched by any other app.

2. 8Tracks

Are you the person who creates playlists for any occasion? Upload some of them to 8Tracks, and enjoy listening to human-curated playlists designed to match any activity or theme.

3. Pacemaker

For an easy DJ experience, download Pacemaker. This AI-driven app helps you mix and delivers a ton of cool effects.

4. IHeart Radio

If what you really want is an old-fashioned radio station, this is the app for you. It enables streaming of actual AM and FM stations (yes, those still exist!) and lets you curate your own.

5. Qello Concerts

When you can’t afford to get to the concert, bring to the concert to your phone. Subscribe to this app to get access to decades worth of full-length concerts and music documentaries.

6. Beatwave

Create your own jam with this easy, easy beatmaker. High-quality instruments combine with a simple-to-use layering system. Upgrade to create your own four-track ringtones.

7. NPR Radio

Enjoy a live stream from more than 100 public radio stations, plus all your faves from All Songs Considered and other popular NPR music shows.

8. SoundCloud

Discover new artists before they hit it big. Or, even better — upload your own tracks to let the world discover you.

9. ThumbJam

Seriously, this is a real MIDI controller right on your phone. Use it to create loops with a set of real instrument samples.

10. DJ Studio 5

Mix, scratch, loop and remix to your heart’s content using two virtual turntables right on your screen. This cool Android app lets you upload your DJ creations right to Facebook.

11. Genius

If song lyrics are what get your heart beating, jump to Genius. This app syncs up with Apple Music to let, well, geniuses upload their thoughts on song lyrics.

12. Nanoloop

Once upon a time (like, a few years ago) you needed a private recording studio packed with equipment to enjoy a synth, sequencer and sampler. With Nanoloop, you’ve got them all on your phone. Go ahead and create that killer electronic music piece.

13. Sing True

Learn to sing, and expand your vocal range with this easy-to-use app. You won’t believe how great you sound. Just don’t take your phone in the shower to practice!

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