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5 Easy Snack Recipes that Entice Picky Eaters to Grab Some Fruit

Turn “eeewwww” and “ick” into smiles and licks with these super-easy snack recipes that pair common fruits with quick prep and even some educational activities. Try these recipes alongside breakfast cereal to boost the meal’s nutritional value, or serve them up after school in place of cookies or chips.

1. Peanut Butter Apple Sandwiches

The sweet, juicy crunch of an apple couples perfectly with the texture and taste of peanut butter, making apple dippers a fan favorite for many picky eaters. Change it up by slicing thin pieces of apple and smooshing a bit of peanut butter between them.

Turn the snack into a midday meal by including thinly sliced apples and peanut butter on soft, white wheat bread. For yet another twist on this classic snack, remove the core from a whole apple and fill the space with peanut butter.


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