The 10 Most Awesome Olympic Sports We Aren’t Going to See in Tokyo

Watching the Olympics every couple of years, it’s easy to scratch your head and puzzle about odd sports like curling or to fantasize about the day when Quidditch becomes an Olympic sport. While waiting and wondering, the International Olympic Committee keeps considering new sports. For Tokyo 2020, they’ve added baseball, softball, karate, roller sports, surfing and sport climbing. But they also rejected more than a dozen possibilities. Here’s a peek at the sports you might have seen in 2020 had the Olympic Committee been a little more open.

1. Frisbee

OK, so officially it’s called “flying disc.” But just think ultimate Frisbee, and you’ve got the idea. Wouldn’t you love to spend the summer tossing a disc around at the park or beach and telling people you’re in training?

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