9 Republican Senators Who Have Stood Up to Trump

Do you follow political news wondering, “When are one of these GOP meatballs going to stand up to Trump?” While it’s as rare as a thoughtful Trump tweet, some Republicans have clashed with the new president. Here are nine Republican senators who have stood up to the Trump Administration:

1. Susan Collins (Maine)

A full 91 percent of GOP senators are male, yet it’s a pair of rare women who vote most frequently against Trump-supported measures and Cabinet nominees. Senator Collins voted “nay” for the Secretary of Education and the EPA Administrator. Ms. Collins also voted against a Planned Parenthood-punishing measure, which forced a tie-breaking vote by the vice president.

2. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)

The senior senator from Alaska also voted against Betsy DeVos’s nomination for Secretary of Education. Like Senator Collins, Ms. Murkowski voted “nay” on the measure to block Planned Parenthood funding.

3. John McCain (Arizona)

After his military service was mocked by non-POW Donald Trump during the election, there’s little surprise that Senator McCain resists the president’s dubious charms. Mr. McCain has repeatedly criticized Trump’s handling of foreign relations and has pressed for further investigation in his alleged Russian connections. He also voted against Mick Mulvaney’s nomination for OMB director.

4. Lindsey Graham (South Carolina)

Senator Graham has worked the cable news shows throughout Trump’s brief presidency, denouncing the POTUS’s reported Russian relations and petulant tweets.

5. Rand Paul (Kentucky)

Senator Paul has denounced the Trump Administration’s handling of the American Health Care Act and voted against the president’s nominees for Director of the CIA and Director of National Intelligence.

6. Ben Sasse (Nebraska)

Despite voting for every Trump-supported measure, the junior senator from Nebraska was one of the first Republicans to demand the president elaborate on his wiretapping claims. When Trump mocked the federal judge who had blocked his immigrant and refugee ban, Sasse went on ABC’s “This Week” and criticized the president.

7. Rob Portman (Ohio)

The recently re-elected Senator Portman was the lone Republican “nay” vote on the repeal of a Department of Education rule on school accountability. Mr. Portman also publicly condemned Trump’s suggestion of lifting Russian sanctions, calling it “a horrible deal for the United States.”

8. Bob Corker (Tennessee)

When Trump equated U.S. government actions with Russian state-sanctioned murders, Corker — the Senate’s Foreign Policy Committee Chairman —publicly denounced the president. Senator Corker was also the only Republican to vote against the retirement savings-related Resolution 67.

9. Marco Rubio (Florida)  

“Little Marco” Rubio was one of the few Republicans to roundly criticize Rex Tillerson’s nomination for Secretary of State, President Trump’s original travel ban and the POTUS’s fondness for Vladimir Putin.

This is all cold comfort for you who fret watching the confirmation of each cabinet member and the passing of every bill that reaches the Senate. But keep your chin up — as Trump makes his rather sweaty mark on American politics, it seems likely that more Republican senators will stand up to him.

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