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Say Cheese for These 7 Awesome Photography Apps

Remember when it was absolutely amazing that you could take photos with your phone? Like, just a few years ago? Now you can turn your phone into a virtual photography studio with the help of some incredible apps. Here are some of the best photo apps available.

1. Snapseed

Adjust your exposure or color and add filters to give your photos an artistic look. This intuitive photo-editing app also lets you remove or change the color of selected areas of an image.

2. Prisma

Have you seen those photos on social media that have been doctored to look like Van Gogh or Picasso painted them? Well, the photographer probably used Prisma to get them that way. Even better: Iit works on video, too.

3. Camera+

If a tiny part of you misses your DSLR, the Camera+ app is for you. It lets you control your phone camera’s white balance, shutter speed, focus and ISO, and it also comes with all the editing tools you need.

4. Google PhotoScan

What to do with those shoe boxes full of old photos stacked on the top shelf of your closet? Don’t throw them out! Digitize them instantly and easily with PhotoScan.

5. Cortex Camera

Expand your range with this app that lets you shoot at night and in extremely low light. You don’t even need a tripod to get a great shot, thanks to its electronic image stabilization features.

6. Lifecake

Lifecake is like having your own private social media platform. It gives you a time line of your kids growing up, and it lets you jump from one age and stage to another. You can share online with friends and family, and you can even order a printed album for Grandma.

7. TouchRetouch

Do your own retouching right on your phone with this clever app. Just tap to replace pixels. Take out dust spots, sun flares, wires and other tiny elements marring your perfect photo.

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