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5 Proven Ways to Survive Your Kid’s Teen Years

Yes, you can survive living with the angst that comes from having a teenager in the house. It may be hard to believe that in a few short years, you’ll look back on being the parent of a teenager with nostalgia. In the meantime, try these proven parenting hacks to get through the day-to-day of it all.

1. Lock the Phones Away at Night


Your teenager needs sleep, but having a phone in the bedroom guarantees they’ll stay up into the wee hours. In fact, studies show that the light from screens keeps the brain from calming down for sleep. We all know how fun it is to deal with grouchy teens in the morning. Do everyone a favor, and set a curfew for screen use, locking phones away till morning. To be fair, set your own phone down at the same time.


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