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5 Awesome Pinball Collections for your iPhone

Arcades are vanishing, and the pinball tables of old are getting harder to find. But fans of the silver ball can turn to the iOS App Store to find large collections of pinball games. Now you don’t have to drive to that bowling alley in the creepy part of town to find Addams Family Pinball. Instead, you can play it right on the toilet.

1. Pinball Arcade

FarSight Studios has recreated more than 70 different real tables for its massive pinball app. This stunning collection coves four decades of games, letting you enjoy the rapid-fire movement of Attack From Mars to the quiet strategic challenge of Gorgar. FarSight also offers tournaments and adds new tables all the time.

2. Zen Pinball

Though pinball is probably the antithesis of Zen Buddhism, ZEN Studios has successfully adapted some of the largest entertainment brands into bright, fast pinball games. Enjoy Star Wars, Marvel, South Park and Walking Dead-themed tables on the train to work or during your two-hour lunch break.

3. Bethesda Pinball

ZEN Studios has also picked up the rights to three of Bethesda Game Studios’ biggest gaming hits and adapted them into lush pinball games. Descend into the darkness of DOOM, complete the quests of Skyrim and survive the post-apocalyptic universe of Fallout all on one app.

4. Pinball HD Collection

Enjoy the detailed 3D game play of 10 different tables in Gameprom’s Pinball HD Collection. Rock AC/DC and Slayer pinball at the wedding ceremony of your wife’s friends you don’t know. Compete against your grandma in Navy Seals, or delay bedtime a little longer with Zombie Attack!

5. Star Wars Pinball 5

ZEN Studios lets you go all-in on Star Wars with this collection. Fend off Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back, or fight as the Bue Bounty Hunter on the Boba Fett table. It’s an excellent collection for those of whose thoughts are always in a galaxy far, far away.

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