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5 Times When Santa Clarita Diet Made Viewers Throw Up in Their Mouths

Santa Clarita Diet, starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, is one of Netflix’s newest shows, and it’s packed with gruesome images that are rendered in vivid detail. Even for a show with a lot of death imagery, the writers of Santa Clarita Diet seem to revel in forcing the audience to experience visceral disgust — there’s a scene in every episode that will make you cringe, puke or become a vegan. Netflix recently announced that Santa Clarita Diet will be coming back for a second season, so fans can look forward to more stomach-turning moments. Here are five from season one:

1. Joel Gets a Frozen Leg to Pop Sheila’s Flesh-Eater Cherry

Poor Joel. First he has to pretend to be a necrophiliac while bribing the suspicious morgue attendant, and then he has to watch his wife eat a cold, dead leg in the car like it’s a greasy drive-through meal. To create the stringy effect of hanging tendons and the chewy look of frozen human shank roast, special effects master Christien Tinsley used materials such as gummy bear gelatin. Let’s hope it tasted better than it looked.

2. Sheila Eats Gary’s Fingers – and the Rest of Him

When Sheila devoured the roaming fingers of fellow real estate agent Gary West (played by Nathan Fillion), she was breaking the murder barrier for the first time. He probably had it coming, but viewers still shuddered as Sheila crunched on each knuckle. Tinsley used ingredients including celery, beet paste, chocolate, gelatin, crushed pasta and food dye to create the body of each victim. Since Barrymore is vegetarian, no actual meat is used to make the pieces she eats on screen.

3. Sheila Can’t Clear Her Plate

When Sheila committed to consuming her DEA neighbor’s body in a single night to hide the evidence of his murder, you knew she was biting off more than she could chew (sorry). It turns out that getting halfway through eating another person is a lot grosser than completing the task, and there were plenty of gratuitous shots of the gaping half-empty rib cage draining in the immaculate SoCal property’s tub.

4. Sheila Almost Loses an Eye

This effect scores low on blood and guts, but the pendulous eyeball swinging from the strained optic nerve triggers a knee-jerk (or possibly a stomach jerk) response that leaves viewers cringing. At least it made a satisfying pop as it nestled back into its socket.

5. Sheila Starts to Fall Apart

Compared to the chewed-up cadaver in the bathtub and the eyeball, you wouldn’t think a toe amputation would be that bad. Unfortunately, it is when Sheila ham-fistedly tries to reattach the toe, only to have it split in half. Don’t feel bad that you watched this scene while sitting on your feet. If Dr. Wolf (played by Portia de Rossi) can’t reverse Sheila’s decomposition, there will be many more problems like this one in season two.

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