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Vampires Are Sucking Money from Your Home as You Sleep

The vampires that are leeching money from your bank account are not the blood-sucking variety of Hollywood fame. They won’t gnaw your neck, drain your blood, or turn you into walking undead. Also unlike the fictional monsters of Buffy or Twilight , they’re absolutely real. These vampires include the sleep mode on your electrical devices, chargers, LED displays and devices connected to the internet of things. Slaying them does not require stakes, garlic or holy water but just ordinary household tools and basic DIY skills.

Power Drainers  

If you walk around your home at night with the lights turned off, you’ll notice eerily glowing lights of electronic devices. Just as the undead are not really dead, so your “sleeping” devices aren’t really turned off. Anything that is lit, ranging from the clock on your microwave to the blinking light on your tablet, is using power and draining money from your bank account to your power bills.

The proliferation of electronic devices and the increased power requirements of various tech (such as ovens and stoves gradually getting “smarter” and increasing electricity consumption) has dramatically increased what is known in the industry as the “miscellaneous electrical load” in most homes, something that accounts for an average of $100 to $200 per year in electrical bills, according to the Energy Research & Social Science journal.

Power Strips

The quickest and simplest fix is to plug electronic devices into power strips. Instead of letting devices go to sleep on their own, turn electronic devices off, and then turn off the power strips to prevent late night power sucking. In practice though, if your power strips are somewhere on the floor or behind your TV screen, you’re not likely to use them.

Electrical Vampire Slaying  

The way to permanently get rid of your power-sucking vampires is to set aside an afternoon to install automated systems to handle turning off devices not in use. These include:

– Connect night lights, bathroom lights and walkway lights to motion sensors so that they turn on only when needed.

– Physically switching items such as laptops off after use, rather than putting them into sleep mode by pulling the screen down.

– Plug power strips for electronic devices into timers that automatically turn off during the hours when you’re asleep or at work. You can also choose models that turn off automatically after a fixed duration.

Saving Your Money and Planet from the Vampires

As electronic devices proliferate, the U.S. Department of Energy predicts that miscellaneous electrical loads will increase by 13 percent over the next 15 years. Slaying these power vampires helps protect your bank balance as well as reducing your contribution to global climate change.

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