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Max Your Home’s Curb Appeal With These DIY Fixes

Whether you plan to live in your home for years to come or are beginning to think of a resale and move, small DIY fixes can be fun family projects that also boost your home’s curb appeal and overall attractiveness. With ingenuity, a bit of elbow grease (get the kids involved!) and perhaps some how-to help from YouTube or This Old House, these simple DIY projects can yield big results for minimal investment.

Doors of Opportunity

Replace the focal point of your home’s facade with something a little more welcoming. If your dowdy front door is solid and in good condition, simply applying a coat of paint in bright red or elegant black make it pop. You may also consider painting trim to match but a more contemporary look with neutral trim and a striking door color is more sophisticated. While you’re at it, why not swap out generic house numbers with something in a more up-to-date font? Or rethink the lighting around your front entrance with cute fairy lights or a big globe.

Dress Up the Facade with Planters and Shutters

Simple woodworking tools are all you need to create planter boxes and shutters for the windows on the front facade of your home. Both are attractive and functional additions — you can even plant herbs and salad for a little home garden that’s within reach. Working shutters mediate heat or bad weather but also add architectural interest. Window boxes can be filled with colorful annuals or plants that are attractive to butterflies or hummingbirds. To entice birds for front window viewing, a stone pedestal bath lends sculptural grace to a front yard and provides a place for your local feathered friends to shower off.

Little Free Library

A phenomenon that’s catching on in all kinds of big city and small town communities, the little library is a small standing box that looks like it was made by fairies and contains discarded books. The idea is that borrowers replace the book they take with one of their own to keep the great circle of literature rolling. It’s a lot of fun for kids and readily shows that your household is a team player in the neighborhood. There’s even a little free library foundation that can provide guidelines, blueprints and how-to tutorials for DIY little free librarians.

Make a Grand Entrance

A front yard archway or arbor can be made from metal rebar, or wood salvage scraps or even living willow in a contemporary or more traditional style. Even the most minimal structure can suggest a grand entrance. Leave it bare or plant flowering vines such as wisteria or clematis for maximum romance. Combine it with fencing, or not, and a stone pathway leading to your front door. This small DIY project adds depth and a welcoming ambiance that definitely looks great from the curb.

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