This Weird Couple From Tennessee Tried to Sell Their Baby on Craigslist

No matter how broke you are, trying to sell your baby on Craigslist probably isn’t the best way to make some quick cash.

Recently, a messed-up couple from Tennessee learned that lesson the hard way. Reports say they listed their five-month-old infant for sale on the popular classified website Craigslist. What they didn’t know was that the potential buyers were undercover agents working with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

So how much does an online stranger’s baby go for these days? According to the culprits, $3,000 should do the trick. That was the listed asking price for the child, though it’s not clear if they would have been open to a best-offer negotiation as with most of the junk listed on Craigslist. Regardless, they didn’t quite get their asking price thanks to a group of undercover officers who set up a sting operation.

The alleged culprits are 26-year-old John David Cain and 37-year-old Deanna Lynn Greer from Greeneville, Tennessee, about 70 miles east of Knoxville. Apparently strapped for cash and completely oblivious to how the internet works, they created an ad listing their five-month-old baby for sale in mid-March. Luckily, a couple of Good Samaritans saw the ad before some random creeps did. They reported the listing to the police, who then set up a sting operation that came to fruition on Friday, March 31, when Cain and Greer were arrested. Everyone at the precinct probably thought it was some cruel and unusual April Fools’ Day prank, but sadly, it wasn’t.

Instead of receiving that cool $3K for their kid, they received charges of aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect. The arrest warrant pulled no punches, calling the act “especially heinous, atrocious and cruel.” When they tried to exchange the baby for the cash, they were immediately taken into custody and jailed, each with a $150,000 bond hanging over their head. Unless they each have another 50 babies lying around somewhere that they can put up for sale, chances are they won’t be making bail.

The child is now safe and sound in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. As for Cain and Greer, they haven’t yet had their day in court. However, it seems likely they won’t be getting out of the charges considering all the blatant evidence indicating what they did.

Growing up, you probably thought your parents were mean and unreasonable at times. But hey — at least they never tried to sell you on the internet for the price of a 20-year-old Toyota.

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