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5 Viral Songs and Music Videos That We Still Don’t Quite Understand Today

With Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites making it easy to like and share virtually anything virtual, photos, videos and songs regularly go viral, and we often don’t really understand why. Whether captivated by the oddity, pushed to hysterics by the absurdity or simply fascinated by how blatantly bad something is, we’re urged to share it with our friends so they can join in the fun. There are some that simply stand out, though, so here’s our list of the five most ridiculous viral songs and videos we have ever encountered.

1. Rebecca Black: “Friday”

Back in 2011, 14-year-old Rebecca Black topped charts with her ear-grating hit “Friday.” For months, this song was basically everywhere. It was a blessing when it finally stopped going viral — except it still survives to haunt us today. Her next hit was imaginatively titled “Saturday.”


2. The Chainsmokers: “#Selfie”

In 2014, we were gifted with “#Selfie” from The Chainsmokers, an up-and-coming EDM duo. The song is, arguably, catchy. Despite its silly lyrics, it definitely speaks to the generation, making it a viral song and video that we just can’t quite let go of — even if we wish we could.

3. Baauer: “Harlem Shake”

In 2013, Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” went viral through a 30-second video that showcased a group of dancers performing to the song. The resulting memes were easy to reproduce and share, so the video spread through the internet like a virus. While the memes have somewhat retired, the dance still survives to tell the tale.

4. Ylvis: “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)”

“The Fox (What Does the Fox Say”?)” spawned from the creative minds of Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis. The goofy fox sounds stuck with us back in 2013, and the video has accrued more than 660 million YouTube views. We can still hear this one in our heads, even if we haven’t turned it on in years.

5. PSY: “Gangnam Style”

K-pop star PSY brought us the Horsey Dance in 2012 with “Gangnam Style.” For some reason, the bizarre video made history by becoming the first to ever reach 1 billion views. We are still baffled by this one’s overwhelming success — but we’re also still watching that video when nobody’s looking.



Honorable Mention: “Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja”

You could really put any video from this South African groups for this list, but I’ll stick with their first break through. as it really had us scratching our heads on what to make of the lovely ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER, Ninja and of course DJ Hi TEK.

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