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4 Classic Comedies That Can Still Make You Belly-Laugh

If it’s been a shitty day, and you need something to make you smile, or maybe you just fancy a hilarious night in — possibly with a bottle of wine or a beer. You could put on any movie that’s listed as a comedy, but we all know there are plenty of misses out there. You need something that’s seriously good. Here are four of the best movies to watch if you want a good laugh.

1. Blazing Saddles

No matter what your age, Blazing Saddles is the best comedy movie of them all. It famously parodies old westerns that an entire generation of movie-goers grew up on, so every cliche you could ever think of from an old western was incorporated into this movie. The constant silliness of this movie is virtually impossible not to laugh at. The brilliant Mel Brooks brought the story to life for the big screen in a way few others could have.

2. Airplane!

Up until he starred in Airplane!, Leslie Nielsen had never done a comedy before. The movie is credited for making Nielsen’s career and changing the way comedy movies were presented. Like Blazing Saddles, Airplane! was a spoof, albeit of 1970s disaster movies. Many of the lines from the movie are now quoted by viewers of all generations all over the world. Airplane! set the standard for future movies that spoofed a common subject. This includes movies similar to The Naked Gun.

3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Another parody film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, has had a hold on audiences since its box office debut. The slapstick humor of this movie continues to stand the test of time and was later adapted into a very successful Broadway play. This movie provides nonstop laughs from the first scene to the last, and it led onto the equally as hilarious Life of Brian.

4. Animal House

Watching Animal House is practically a rite of passage for any college student. Based on the college experiences of the men who wrote it, Animal House turned John Belushi into a star overnight. The movie has since been parodied on various TV shows and in many other movies.

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