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5 Things We Love to Hate About Mobile Gaming

There’s a lot to love about mobile gaming. It’s fun and distracting, and since today’s society is almost completely mobile, it’s always available right in the palm of your hand. No matter how much you love it, there are things you probably love to hate about it even more.

1. Unpredictable Game Mechanics

Let’s face it – time is limited, and figuring out a mobile game shouldn’t exactly top your list of things to do, but we you it anyway. Whether it’s super-simple or more involved, spending ridiculous amounts of time you don’t have figuring out game mechanics is something that’s tough to stop.

2. Buggy Device Syncs

Mobile gaming is great because you can sync across multiple phones and tablets. This makes any gaming addiction easy to feed no matter where you are — even if it takes a few attempts to properly log in because you forgot your password, or the app updated and erased your synced data…again.

3. Touch Screen Accidents

No, you didn’t actually mean to delete that building or sell that rune, and now that you did, you’re pretty upset about it. You might spend another five minutes or five weeks getting it back. Because that’s just what you do in the mobile gaming world.

4. Repetitious Monotony

Almost every game has the same foundation: you do one task over and over. This is almost like listening to a song on repeat. Sure, it gets annoying after a while, but for some reason you just can’t turn it off.

5. End of Game Content (or Lack Thereof)

Once you’ve maxed out your characters and accumulated every virtual prize, you’ve reached the less-than-anticipated content at the end of the game. This is where things get really boring really fast. Even though you’ve mastered the game mechanics and have everything you could possibly need, you’re still going to play every day because your monsters and towns need you to keep going.

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