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This Family Craft Is Definitely Worth Dumpster Diving For

Water bottles are hideously bad for the planet and for us. They can take 450 to 1,000 years to biodegrade, and you might not even be alive then. All kidding aside, if you do use your own water bottles or decide to go dumpster diving for them, here is a great craft to teach kids how to reuse and recycle.  

You Will Need:

– 6 dry plastic water bottles

– scissors

– permanent markers


  1.  Wash the water bottles thoroughly. Use a hair dryer on low heat if some droplets remain.
  2.  Remove the labels and lids from your bottles.
  3.  Have your kids color the bottles with permanent markers (washable markers will not hold up or adhere to the bottles).
  4.  Encourage children to represent their school colors, favorite sports team or anything else that fully engages them in the project. You can use geometric patterns, stripes or a variety of other patterns that will cover the bottle from top to bottom.
  5.  Make sure the decorated bottles are completely dry.
  6.  Now, it’s time for the munchkins to turn your bottles into wind spirals. With sharp scissors, remove the flat bottom of the bottle. You may want to perform this step for younger children.  
  7.  Starting at the cut edge, make an angled cut about 0.25 inches wide, and continue cutting at an angle from the bottom to the top to make a long spiral. Stop when you get to the rounded shoulders of the bottle.
  8.  At this point, you can add stickers or the artist’s name to the top of the bottom as a final decorative touch.
  9.  When you have at least six spirals, find a thin, straight tree branch, and slide the necks of the bottles onto the branch. Nest the bottle tops close together.
  10.  Stand back, and watch your personalized earth-friendly wind spirals whirl in the wind.

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