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4 Fake News Stories That Fooled Us All in the Past Year

We’ve all been fooled by fake news recently. Whether it’s believing that a celebrity has died who is in fact still alive and kicking (or who died years ago) or falling for fake news with a more serious political bent, sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s really telling the truth. Here are some of the recent fake news stories on the lighter side that definitely fooled a lot of us.

1. You Don’t Want to Know What This Woman Did To Her Boss’s Desk — Except She Didn’t

Almost 2 million people shared a Facebook story about a woman who left an unpleasant message on her boss’s desk. Let’s just say it was the No. 2 thing she did after learning she won the lottery. Fortunately, it was fake. But a whole lot of people seemed to agree with the sentiment.

2. I Pledge Allegiance to the — Never Mind

Millions of people believed a fake news story that President Obama was going to stop kids saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school. Nope. It was the work of a professional hoaxer. Let’s say it together: With liberty and justice for all.  

3. The Seven-Headed Snake That Prophesied Doom

Not only was there no biblical prophesy of doom being fulfilled, there wasn’t any seven-headed snake at all. This was the kind of fake news story that should teach everyone to learn how Photoshop works.

4. Bill Cosby Is Pardoned — Or Dies — Or Both — Or Something Like That

Bill Cosby was only one of the celebrities whose deaths were falsely proclaimed on the internet (Sean Penn and Chevy Chase, do us a favor and tweet us that you’re still around, okay?). Cosby’s “death” had a little extra gravitas because of the allegations swirling around him, and because some versions of the fake news added the (also fake) claim that President Obama had pardoned him from all his misdeeds, whatever they may have been.

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