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3 Game Sequels That Are Leading A New Generation Of Puzzle Apps

Many of us share a love for puzzle and matching games that goes well beyond an occasional pastime. Whether it’s simply a guilty pleasure, or consuming your life one level at a time it’s clear that puzzle gaming is here to stay.

A lot of the big companies are now releasing sequels, and although most of these just feel like the same game with a paint job a few have become instant favorites!

Here Are The 3 Best Sequels From Our Favorite Franchises:

#3. Angry Birds Blast

Angry Birds started as a phenomenon that swept across the world, but eventually it felt like they just kept releasing the same game with small theme changes. I don’t remember exactly when I stopped playing Angry Birds games, but it’s been at least a year since I found anything really enjoyable. Thankfully they decided it was time to try something new and they absolutely nailed it!

If you haven’t tried Angry Birds Blast yet, then you can download it here for free.

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