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Is This Desktop Game Too Addictive?

This game has been rated the #1 most addictive game of 2017. With over 12,000,000 players there is no denying this one is gonna go down in gaming history.

What Is The Game?

The name of the game is Vikings: War of Clans. It has been available on desktop since it was released on August 10, 2015. In Vikings: War of Clans, players have to cooperate with each other to create their own Viking clan. Each clan has a hierarchy from a ranker to the chief, and each player has a corresponding amount of authority in the clan.

The main game goal is to capture the place of power – a unique location placed at the center of every kingdom. Players create and develop their own clans, train troops and upgrade their heroes and their towns. Each in-game upgrade requires special resources – lumber, iron, food, stone, silver or the in-game currency “gold”. Resources can be obtained via upgrading resource buildings in the town, undertaking marches to resource locations on the global map and attacking towns of other players.

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Over 12,000,000 Players Can’t Be Wrong

Players can team up into groups of up to 100 players, united by a single clan name, shield, regulations, and management structure. Players create clans to achieve collective goals such as capturing the Place of Power, taking part in clan competitions and helping clan members to develop their characters.

Players in the game are geographically separated into different game locations – the kingdoms. On average, in each kingdom, there can be around 45,000 players. By the end of 2016, there were more than 270 kingdoms. Which is about 12,150,000 players in total.

The Team Behind Vikings

In creating the game, the development team (Plarium) used information from articles and books about the Scandinavian Peninsula’s history, and from television shows and movies depicting war marches and the day-to-day life of the Vikings, as well as other sources containing info on early medieval Scandinavia.

The game has become so popular that it was even mentioned on French television when a politician was speaking. A professor of journalism at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership spoke to Forbes magazine and mentioned that the game had taught him much about real life leadership.

“Awesome game, it has everything a strategy player or empire builder could want. And its totally free without excluding key elements for those of us less financially fortunate. I love it! One thing that I would enjoy for when I don’t have the means to purchase gold, would be a way to convert silver into gold. Also the option of choosing not to fight. Maybe some sort of penalty in resource production or even reducing the price of peace shields for people who would choose to avoid fights” – Evan Bruton

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