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Because I Love to Work Out, but Don’t Have Time to Shop

I love to work out. Love it. But I also work full-time and, oh yeah, I have a life as well. So to carve out time for the gym, something has to give. In my case, that means running errands gets pushed to the side. As a result, whenever I can find a way to make life easier, I go for it. That’s where Fabletics comes in.

Here’s how it works.

Fabletics is actress Kate Hudson’s monthly membership fitness apparel company. Once you join, you take a survey about the kind of workouts and workout clothing you like. Then every month, for $49 to $59, you get a new outfit, specially chosen for you in the mail. Or you can say, “Not this month,” in which case you’re charged nothing. It’s that simple.

If you need five or six different workout outfits each week, like I do (and if you’re as not-fond of doing laundry as I am), this system is a godsend.

Is Fabletics worth it? Yeah, I think it is. The quality of the workout wear is quite good; similar to that of, say, Lululemon or Gap Body. And way cheaper. Leggings are thick enough — you don’t have to worry about see-through, and they compress your booty in quite a pleasant way.

Sports bras tend to be very high-style, the kind you wear when you sort of want that loose-fit top to fall off your shoulders. If you need lots of support up top, maybe there’s enough, I’m not sure. Maybe not. But wow, are they cute.

And that’s the real draw of Fabletics: The style. Everything is cute. Wonderful design touches like mesh panels and unexpected cutouts make you stand out from the crowd at the gym, and you can find stuff with some really cool patterns too. Tank tops tend to drape and fall away from your body in a really flattering way, and the fabrics are incredibly soft and comfortable. And again: Those capris and leggings give you quite the fine look from behind.

Are there negatives? None about the system, as long as you remember to cancel if you really don’t want new workout wear in a given month. I have yet to cancel, because honestly, all shopping should be this easy and convenient.

Any negatives about the clothing? Not really. Some of the tops run a little small and a few of the tops that (I think) should have a shelf bra don’t. That’s about it.

All in all, Fabletics is a definite thumbs up from me. And my friend Kelsey, who’s plus-sized, uses them too and absolutely loves everything she gets, making me love the brand even more.

The real draw of Fabletics: The style. Everything is cute.

Check it out. Unique fitness apparel with high-quality construction (just like those name brands you’ve been paying way more for), total convenience and a super low price. And as an added bonus, for your first outfit, it only costs $25.

What are you waiting for?

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