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3 Quick & Easy Ways To Save Money Every Month

Short on time and freedom? Always looking for ways to squeeze an extra dime in savings? I get it, between being a personal driver for my kids (why do I enroll them in so many activities again?), a maid to the house and chef in the kitchen, when those bills come at the end of the month, I’m always looking for ways to save on costs the following month.

My girlfriends like to make fun of me since i’m the money conscious one in the group, with spreadsheets to manage our family’s monthly budget and coupons waiting in my wallet, I’m always looking for new ways to save, and because of the internet I’ve found 3 useful tools to help me save money on services and online purchases, and I think you’ll find you agree:

Here Are 3 Online Saving Hacks:

Trim Savings

Trim has saved me $70-$100 a year. It tells me my current subscription services, and if there’s one I need to cancel, I just tell Trim and its done. Or if I purchase a product on Amazon only to find out a week later the price went down, Trim will get me that extra money I should’ve saved. I don’t even have to do anything, Trim does it all for me.

Start Saving With Trim Here



With less time to go to the mall now (and because I prefer to not carry around 2 grumpy children), I do a lot of my shopping online. With Ebates, every time I shop I get a percentage of my purchase back. I earn money while spending money. It’s money in the bank.

Earn Money With Ebates Here



Honey is a desktop browser extension, similar to Ebates. It automatically finds and applies coupon codes during your check-out process. However, I find the majority of the time I can’t find active coupon codes, so I find it’s not as reliable as Ebates but it does it automatically so why not use it!

Add the Honey Extension Here


Are there any other tips and tricks you use to save you money online? If you think there’s one our readers should know about, tell us in the Facebook comments!

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