Travel Deals Keeps Saving Me Money on Travel Packages

Do you want a vacation? I sure want a vacation. I need a vacation!

But I have a complicated history with vacations. Here are the two types I’ve experienced:

  • Camping with my family as a kid. First, it took days of work to pack and load up all the food and camping gear. Then it was a whole day of staring out the window, bored, while we drove and drove. Then back to work: Setting up the tent. Building a fire. Doing more cooking than we would have done at home. Even as a kid, I wondered: How is this a vacation?
  • City vacations with my family as an adult. You’d think the prospect of clean sheets and room service would be bliss after all that camping. But guess what? It’s still so much work: Booking the flights. Booking the hotel. Researching what the city has to offer. And then nothing but go! go! go! the entire time we’re there. Not to mention counting pennies every step of the way. I come home thinking, “You know, I could use a vacation.”

But I have brought on a new tactic. Possibly the best change for vacation me. Travel Packages. Even better: Discount travel packages through Sherman’s Travel

I know, vacation packages aren’t anything new, and is probably old news to you, but to me, it’s pure bliss. When I went on Sherman’s site, I couldn’t believe the deals — not to mention the choices and tips! Dublin, Iceland, Venice, or Greece! Wait- that’s it, I want to go to the Peru. No, wait — Japan? Maybe not now, but soon, especially since the 2020 Olympic Games are coming up. Now there’s a bucket list item. Okay, back to reality — and with prices this low, it is reality to check out not just the Iceland but London and Japan with a tour to Mt. Fuji. But it gets better. Here’s why my go-to is vacation packages are my new vacation love:

  • The deals. The package includes your entertainment, sometimes food, travel, tours and exclusive access. All for far less than I’d end up shell out trying to plan all of this, and the amount of time too. I get to spend my vacation not thinking about money — that alone makes it a real vacay!
  • Easy packing. We know our itinerary and Sherman’s provide tips, so we know what to wear and what the weather will be like. So, so easy. Everyone’s happy.
  • As a family we go through the packages together and see what makes sense for us. Are we looking for something more exotic? Is there enough activities, should we include add-ons, do the dates make sense, etc. Easy planning. No routes to plan. No timetables to juggle. No worries about check-in times. No spreadsheets listing when each museum has a free day. Again: so, so easy.

Last year we took a Caribbean cruise through Sherman’s, and has been my fave vacation ever — maybe the first one I ever took that actually felt like a real vacation. And even better, when I got home, I didn’t have to worry about going over budget, because it was mostly one and everything was included (#cruiseshiplife)! Count me in for more (I’m thinking Iceland next)

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