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It’s Become My Go-To For All Things Pets!

In Short: Being a parent is challenging, and comes with a lot of questions. Petcentric is an amazing resource for anyone looking for new ways to care for or pamper their furry loved ones!

When I moved from an apartment to my very own house, I had a new puppy before all my boxes were even unpacked. I had waited years to be able to have a dog, and my children were just as excited as I was at this new addition — until he couldn’t walk two steps without scratching and started throwing up in his kennel every morning like clockwork. Turns out, raising pets is almost as complicated as raising humans and possibly even a little harder because fur babies can’t tell you what’s going on.

As the days passed, I found myself scouring the internet for answers to all my puppy questions. Apparently, puppy skin is dry (cue the itching) and doing the last feeding too early in the day can lead to low blood sugar in the morning. A couple of dog biscuits before bed ended all the puking problems. My search engine was getting a serious workout until one day I came across Petcentric. Finally! A one-stop shop for all my questions and concerns. I was happy to see it run by the folks at Purina, a long-time trusted name in pet care and the food my vet had recommended, so I could be sure that the info I was getting was legitimate.

They have information on everything you can think of for pets, including general care and grooming, how to make sure your pet is getting the best nutrition possible and lots of tips on training and how to deal with problem behaviors. There’s even a handy search bar on the site so you can quickly find articles and posts on your specific issue.

While we were a dog household, when a kitten showed up on my back porch, I knew that there was plenty of info on Petcentric on cats, so off I went to start reading up. Within minutes, I was prepared for Hazel’s first vet visit, had been educated on the dangers of not spaying and knew exactly which toys would keep her from clawing my couch to pieces. There was even an article on how to help our dogs and new feline friend get along.

Now, my pets are older and there aren’t quite as many questions that come up — although I’d still love to know why my dog is obsessed with paper towels — but I want to stay informed about trending issues and topics, so I subscribe to Petcentric’s email newsletter. Whether you’re having litter box issues or are wondering what your dog wants for Christmas, Petcentric’s got you covered.

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