I’ve Found A Game Changer… I’m Talking About My Period

In Short: Tampon Tribe has been the solution to my period that’s environmentally friendly and where I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals coming into contact with my body. 

As I’ve aged I’ve become more aware and conscious of my surroundings and my impact on the world. I compost, I take transit, bike into work, eat more home grown foods, attend farmers markets, go organic when I can afford to, etc. you get the picture. I’m trying to be more environmentally conscious and think more of what I put into my body. As a result, I feel better about my impact on the world and I feel, inside and out, amazing too.

I’ll never go extreme (but who knows, it only takes one gradual change to get there), but there’s definitely things I can do that’ll make a huge difference and result in myself feeling better. The one thing that I’ve been looking for are alternatives for TOM. You know, Time Of the Month, the second t is silent…, because it’s not that there aren’t products available, but I’d like to use, well… a tampon or pad that isn’t chemically bleached, I mean hello we all know where it sits, I don’t want those chemicals inside me.

So I did some research to see what alternatives there are and I came across Tampon Tribe. I had a slight giggle at first, but when I started reading their website, I started connecting. Their products are certified organic, toxin free, hypoallergenic, chemical free, and 100% organic cotton. No plastics, perfumes, bleaches, or dyes are used and they’re completely compostable. Everything I’ve been looking for. You can get 16 tampons/month, customize what size you want and all it’ll cost is $8, with free shipping. Or do a mashup of pads and tampons and a price will be generated for you depending on the quantity.

What else makes it easier? My tampons and pads get sent straight to my house, I don’t have to worry about never having a tampon on hand, and I don’t have to leave the house, meaning I get to avoid the whole situation of going to the store, grabbing 2 or 3 boxes (restocking here… plus you can only get one size per box) and find out, yet again, the young male clerk will ring me through.

And for every month I buy, they give a day pack of feminine hygiene products to homeless women on their local streets. That’s amazing, and something I never would have thought of.

I wanted to share Tampon Tribe because we should be more conscious of what comes into contact with our bodies. Do you have an alternative solution to over the counter products?

P.S! If you buy now, you can get 20% off your first order.

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