Earn Money While You Travel With This Easy Booking Tip

In short: If you’re going on vacation anyway, why not get some cashback out of the deal? I say yes to that, especially when it’s this easy.

I’m one of those people with a couple dozen rebate and receipt apps on my phone. If you’re one of us, you know what I’m talking about — scan my receipt a couple times after grocery getting, and build up a little bit of reward money? Oh, heck yeah, I’m in. If you’re not one of us, you need to get in on this trend, and SPENT’s travel app site is a great place to start.

Here’s how it works:

  • You use the SPENT app online (you don’t have to download anything, though you can if you want to go mobile with your money making) to book travel at great online rates.
  • You travel as you normally would for business or pleasure.
  • You wait 30 days and cash hits your account.
  • You redeem it through your PayPal account and then transfer it your checking or savings, spend it locally with a PayPal debit card or hit up Amazon for a new Kindle read (or whatever you like to splurge on).

It’s fun and easy to use, and you can get cashback on hotel bookings, car rentals and airline flights. And we’re not talking about a measley fraction of a percent here. Popular destinations can land you 10 to 15% cashback on your hotel bookings, and some hotel bookings net you 25% cashback! A quarter of the cost back in my pocket within a month just for booking through SPENT? Who is going to say no to that?

Airfare and car rental cashback averages are less, running 0.5 to 3 percent usually, but when you consider how much some flights cost, it’s still nothing to sneeze about. Plus, I’m never going to laugh in the face of free money. Well, I might, but in a “laugh with me while we buy these new shoes” way, and that’s different. You’ll know all about it once you start saving money with SPENT’s travel app.

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