4 Tips To Keep In Mind The Next Time You’re Planning A Trip

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There are two groups of people:

  1. Those who love to plan, and

  2. Those who prefer their trip to be planned for them

Some of us just don’t have the organization skills or care to do every tiny bit of research when there are experts to rely on. We get it – but for those of us live for every detail, suffer from FOMO, need to know the best spots, then scan through every review and photo to make sure it’s legit, it can be a time consuming process. For my fellow co-travellers, here are 5 tips I use to save on time and money when planning my own journey:

1. Earn Cashback

Imagine earning cashback on your hotel booking? Like 20% cashback. It’s exists, I promise. Going to NYC and have a hotel cost of $250/night? Well, fortunate for you, you can earn $50-$100 back by booking through Spent Travel. They’re a rebate site that is partnered with hotels across the country to save you money. This beats out any savings I could earn elsewhere

2. Save On Flights

Need to book a flight? I like to use for two main reasons:

  1. When choosing my flight dates, it shows the prices on those days, giving a glance at what you can expect. This especially helps if your dates are flexible.
  2. If I feel like being spontaneous and haven’t chosen a destination, I can choose anywhere and it’ll show me locations I can travel to from my origin and it organizes it by cost.

The webpage is also very clean and user friendly. I find with some flight aggregators the page is so busy your eyes get distracted or it populates other travel aggregators so you can compare. The filters are also helpful from choosing how many stops, time of day, or airlines you’d like to include or exclude.

3. Avoid FOMO

Wondering what to do while you visit? Trip Advisor is always a good go-to to see what is popular with tourists, but another way to try fun things that are targeted towards locals is by using Groupon. It creates a different trip from seeing the usual sites, and it’s pretty exciting and different to say “I went to Vegas and played Laser Tag.” Sidenote: you can also earn cashback with Groupon when you go through Ebates. You can literally earn money on everything with them!

4. Get Touristy

But who are we kidding, you don’t visit a new city and not at least see some of the big touristy spots. Not sure what to see? Contact the cities tourism HQ, they’ll have details and local insights on everything, such as discounts and good eats. It’s their job to know this, and who knows, you might get something a little extra – one of our readers contacted Dallas Tourism and when her family arrived at their hotel room, there was a lovely gift from the Tourism office with coupon books full of savings and small gifts to welcome the family.

Found these useful? Any tips you think our readers should be aware about? Let us know on Facebook.

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4 Tips To Keep In Mind The Next Time You’re Planning A Trip