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This Extension Is My Life Saver

Are you a Ebates member? Then you can relate to those moments when you forget to use Ebates. The worst! Every time I do this, I die a bit inside and almost want to complete the order again with the intention to return the original order (I like free cash). But let’s be realistic here, just thinking about returning the purchase seems like a lot of work, so I sit in sadness till it passes.

However, this no longer happens! Now I don’t even have to search for my favorite stores in the database or review all the savings, there’s a hack that does it all for me! Ebates launched a chrome extension last year which tells me when I can earn with Ebates.

No more upsets and missing out on free cash! With a click of a button, the Ebates Express Cashback Button was installed in browser and will flash or notify me when I’ve hit an Ebates partner and how much cashback I can earn.

Download the cashback button here and stop missing out on free cash.

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